Straight Looking Guys Get Dick

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If you like guys that have a straight look to them, then this is where you want to be. None of the sexy studs featured here scream gay until they have a throbbing hard cock up their ass. Right now you can take advantage of this $20 discount on your first month of Next Door Buddies and see the hottest gay porn available online.

This site is jammed full of solo jerk-offs as well as hardcore scenes that are sure to have you rock hard and ready to go. The site started around 2005 and has made around 550 exclusive movies that you can’t find anywhere else. All of the models are athletic and horny as hell. Johnny Torque, Connor Maguire, Ditto Brenner Bolton, and Darius Ferdynaud are just a few of the stunners that make up the roster here. The site is updated regularly so you’ll always have fresh new material to keep you coming back for more. Members will get to enjoy streams, galleries, and backstage info that you won’t want to miss.

Jordan Levine Loves Ass

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Earlier in the week, I was looking for a new porn membership to hold my interest. While browsing deals on, I found a lifetime discount of $15 off I didn’t need any more convincing to join. I have been a member of Bromo before so I already knew what a great site I was getting into.

What I didn’t know, was just how hot Jordan Levine was going to get me feeling. I clicked through to one of his scenes and was instantly smitten with him. Not only does he have perfect hair and flawless beard grooming, but his hairy body, tattoos, and virile cock are all great additions to the whole appealing package. He is an alpha and stands out in all of his scenes. It is obvious the man loves ass and prefers to be the guy doing the giving.

Jordan has 20 bareback scenes inside of Bromo so far. I have already watched most of them, and the only disappointment has been that I wasn’t there getting fucked by him too.

These Sexy Studs Let The Good Times Roll

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If you’re looking for a site that shows sexy studs engaging in hardcore gay sex with passion, then this is where you want to be. The chemistry between the hunks featured here is genuine, and it shows. Right now viewers can take advantage of this 21% off discount to Belami Online and take a break from your typical raunchy gay porn.

The action covered here is intense, and you’ll find plenty of threesomes, foursomes, and insane group sex. Gangbangs, creampies, swallowing cum, and having sex outdoors in public are just a few of the categories covered here. You’ll also find intimate moments between handsome men that are clearly crazy about one another. Their passion is evident in every scene. A lot of the videos show bareback sex that’s sure to drive you wild.

BelAmi Online has been putting out top quality hardcore gay porn for 25 years now, and they continue to exceed viewers expectations. They stay ahead of the curve with new fads, and all their content is 100% exclusive so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Unscripted And Uncensored

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When I want to watch the sexiest gay for pay porn, I always go to Bigstr. They never disappoint me and when I found out about this Bigstr discount for up to 73% off; I jumped on the deal. You won’t find a better deal on unscripted and uncensored gay porn. This is the kind of deal you have to tell your friends about.

You’ll find a wide variety of guys here. Whether you’re looking for smooth, slender twinks, or big hulking hunks, they’re all right here and hot as hell. The action is random in Czech Hunters where guys get approached on the streets and offered money for gay sex acts. At first, some of them seem reluctant, but that just adds to the excitement. There’s something sexy about watching a straight guy consider putting another man’s cock in his mouth or ass and then deciding he’s willing to do it. Just the thought makes my dick hard. Debt Dandy and Dirty Scout are also included in your membership.


Play out your fantasy with Gay Sex Roulette

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I’ve had such a crush on my friend for so long now that I’ve finally worked up enough courage to tell him. I only have two problems and trust me they’re not small ones. First, he isn’t gay, or better yet he isn’t at the moment at least. He has been with men before but for whatever reason right now he is dating some skanky slut that just doesn’t deserve him.

My second issue and this is going to be the biggest is I can’t just outright tell him that I’ve been dreaming about sucking his cock. I doubt that would go so well, as such I’ve come up with a solution and I think that it might just work out for all of us. My plan is quite simple, I will invite him over for a chat and when he walks in I’ll just happen to be visiting Gay Sex Roulette.

When he walks over and sits down I’ll tell him I will close everything down, you know I won’t but he doesn’t know that. I think, or better yet I hope that once he notices all that gay sex going on he isn’t going to be able to control it. That’s when I’ll know the moment to strike is there. It might sound devious guys and I guess it is, at the end of the day I need to act on my feelings and sucking his cock is sure going to help!

Gobble Up This Discount

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Some of my favorite porn involves the cheesy pick-up scripted scenes. I always thought that part was the hottest because we can all relate to similar moments where we knew we were about to fuck. My favorite porn genre is obviously gay porn, so when I found out about and what they are all about, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

The site centers around a very simple premise. Two guys go into public places and find other guys to fuck. Many of them are supposedly straight but turn “gay for pay” instantly and are cramming cocks down their throats in public before you know it. Lots of the scenes are shot POV style, so I like to pretend those hot young studs are on their knees for me taking my hot cum.

When you take advantage of this Czech Hunter 73% off discount, you’ll also unlock the rest of the Bigstr network. That means you’ll also be jerking it to Debt Dandy and Dirty Scout too. Grab this deal before it’s gone.

His Body’s Out Of This World

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There’s always room for a hot gay porn discount in my life, and that’s why I was so excited to find this deal for 84% in savings to Gay Room with this discount. It gives an amazing savings to an awesome site full of exclusive gay porn.

This isn’t just any run of the mill porn site. The men here are all absolutely gorgeous. They’re the type of guys you’re almost surprised to see doing porn. You look at them and think they could all have high fashion modeling contracts. From their handsome faces to their immaculate chiseled muscular bodies, everything about them screams sexy. Luckily though, they love showing off their rock hard cocks, and putting them to good use!

With a large variety of intense and explicit action, there’s always something extremely sexy and naughty going on here. From beautiful men getting down in erotic solo videos, to dick sucking and ass fucking galore, these guys love getting off and getting you off in the process!

Get in on this incredible discount to a world of raunchy gay sex today!

Sexual Orientation Lines Blurr Here

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When I’m watching gay porn, I’m typically fantastic at picking out which guys are truly gay and which ones are merely gay for pay. With this site, I can’t quite figure it out. I really like that. As long as their cocks get rock hard for all the action then who am I to judge anyway. It just kind of turns me on to think of a straight man getting a cock balls deep in his ass, and when his cock responds, he knows the truth. He likes it, just like we all do.

Right now viewers can get a 52% discount to Sean Cody here and play along with me. When the site first came out there wasn’t a lot of variety with their men, but now there are all kinds of sexy studs to choose from. Some of smooth and lean, while others are hairy and covered in tattoos. No matter what kind of design is on the package, these muscle-bound men are sure to turn the heat up.

The Hottest Czech Gay Porn

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I’ve been watching gay porn for a few years now and I was already starting to get bored with what was out there. When I found out I could save 35% with a Behind Friends discount I couldn’t sign up fast enough. This is a new site that just started in the spring of 2018 and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I found the sexiest Euro and Czech guys I had ever seen. Some of them are gay and some of them are straight which really adds a spicy twist. I always enjoy watching a straight guy find pleasure in another man. He might try to resist, but it’s futile when dealing with such seductively hot studs.

The videos are done in amazing 4K and full HD quality so every shot is crystal clear giving the illusion of being right in the room while the ass pounding is going down. This site never fails to get me rock hard in a matter of minutes and struggling to hold my load until the end.


This Doesn’t Make Me Gay, Does It?

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College was a crazy time in my life. It was for most people. I had an awesome roommate and he was just as clueless about life as I was. We didn’t have a lot of classes together, but we spent most of our downtime together. Neither of us seemed to have much luck with the ladies. That meant we had to resort to watching porn. We would watch it together quite often and even got so comfortable that we would beat off together.

One time I looked over and caught him watching me stroke my cock. It kind of turned me on that he was watching. I leaned back and started putting on a little show. Neither of us were gay, but it was more stimulating than what we had been doing. We found out we could get up to 79% off with a Broke Straight Boys discount and decided to give it a try. It turns out we both found the site to be erotic and we were able to save even more at so it became our new hobby.