Jordan Levine Loves Ass

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Earlier in the week, I was looking for a new porn membership to hold my interest. While browsing deals on, I found a discount of 51% off I didn’t need any more convincing to join. I have been a member of Bromo before so I already knew what a great site I was getting into.

What I didn’t know, was just how hot Jordan Levine was going to get me feeling. I clicked through to one of his scenes and was instantly smitten with him. Not only does he have perfect hair and flawless beard grooming, but his hairy body, tattoos, and virile cock are all great additions to the whole appealing package. He is an alpha and stands out in all of his scenes. It is obvious the man loves ass and prefers to be the guy doing the giving.

Jordan has 20 bareback scenes inside of Bromo so far. I have already watched most of them, and the only disappointment has been that I wasn’t there getting fucked by him too.