This Doesn’t Make Me Gay, Does It?

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College was a crazy time in my life. It was for most people. I had an awesome roommate and he was just as clueless about life as I was. We didn’t have a lot of classes together, but we spent most of our downtime together. Neither of us seemed to have much luck with the ladies. That meant we had to resort to watching porn. We would watch it together quite often and even got so comfortable that we would beat off together.

One time I looked over and caught him watching me stroke my cock. It kind of turned me on that he was watching. I leaned back and started putting on a little show. Neither of us were gay, but it was more stimulating than what we had been doing. We found out we could get up to 79% off with a Broke Straight Boys discount and decided to give it a try. It turns out we both found the site to be erotic and we were able to save even more at so it became our new hobby.