You’ll Go Gay For Enough Green

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I’m a sucker for a good gay-for-pay porn site. There’s just something thrilling about watching a straight guy sacrifice his sexuality for cold hard cash. When I came across this Beefcake Hunter discount for up to 54% off, I knew it was an offer too good for me to pass up. 

You’ll find a lot of variety when it comes to this roster. The gorgeous guys come from all different walks of life. There are construction workers, mall shoppers, chefs, waiters, handymen, and drivers put to the test. You’ll get to watch as they’re approached and offered money for gay sex acts. They’re all shy at first and adamant about their straightness. Some only go as far as to strip down and get filmed stroking themselves. Others start out that way, but then give in a bit when tempted with even more money. The obvious next step is to allow another man to suck their cocks. Once they realize how amazing that feels, things usually go the whole distance. The quality is great and there’s a lot of variety, making this a fantastic deal you don’t want to miss out on.